This sector comprises gaskets for the following applications: Heat exchangers, refrigeration, fan coils, air conditioners, air treatment and radiators. Wall-hung boilers, floor-standing boilers, condensing boilers, burners, air conditioners, hot air generators, stoves and fireplaces.

The energy efficiency sector is among those with the highest rate of research and innovation, which is why Centauro offers its customers a very wide range of products

Vermiculite sheets / Smooth and textured sound-absorbing panels / Strips in self-adhesive and regular foam / Thermal insulation panels in fiberglass with various compositions and couplings / Soft, compact materials for thermal insulation of boilers, burners and fireplaces / Braid and cord for doors / Glasses for control lights / Gaskets for couplings / Silicone rubber gaskets for high temperatures / O-rings in EPDM and silicone / Cable and hose ducts / Silicone tubing in various colours / Vibration dampers

Our commercial and logistics team is available to answer your requirements with courtesy and professionalism. Logistics and customer service have always played a key role in CENTAURO.

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